Special Finishes

MVS provides luxurious quality, feel and durability by producing and delivering bespoke custom-made special finishes for superyachts and luxurious residential projects.

In our in-house workshop we develop and produce all kinds of artistic finishes, including matt to high gloss surfaces, oxidized and mirror polished metals or even 3D textured lacquer illusions.

We work with a wide range of materials such as natural wood, wood veneers, metal, polyester lacquers and decorative glasses. We combine innovative materials and techniques with more traditional artisan processes to adapt the aesthetic beauty of all-time classic finishes such as crackle glaze, gold and silver leaf to create extraordinary modern finishes.

Our team of specialists consists of highly experienced staff who is responsible to realize a finished item from initial design, via application of different finishes, sanding, coating and buffing and all the processes needed to make the finished product. Quality control and attention to detail are the key to deliver high quality surfaces and to fulfill the most exclusive design demands of the designers and customers we collaborate.

Our entire library of special finishes can be applied to a variety of substrates, including MDF, Aluminium honeycomb, HPL, solid metal, plastic and many others. There is also a flexibility regarding the structure of the substrate. Special finishes can be applied on 3D and curved structures or to an already textured surface.

All our samples have been developed based on the designers’ specifications. In the case of marine construction projects, Shipyard regulation have been followed as well.

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