The company provides top quality custom made specialized constructions using a variety of materials and is able to address many unique client-driven specifications. The company’s spacious and well equipped production facilities allows for the erection of the complete project on a one to one scale within its production facility in a specially dedicated area for the intended purpose. After a thorough and detailed inspection of the prefabricated product, all the components are disassembled, marked, packed and transported to the project site and the constructions are reassembled as the final product.

This method of construction which entails extremely precise engineering design, offers unique advantages both to the end user as well as the contractor. The engineering department, comprised of architects and engineers, involved in the early stages of architectural design, offers assistance during the drawing execution phase to the client’s architects and engineers, whilst suggesting the most suitable construction method to the required specification. Equipped with all the necessary hardware and software infrastructure, former is able to provide control measurements and execute the essential workshop drawings in order to produce an unimpeded production schedule.

On every project an experienced project manager is assigned collaborating with the client’s team, offering project reports and ensuring the smooth execution of works. Having recognized that detail defines quality, project managers emphasize on stringent quality control at every step of the process, from the raw material selection to the final installation prior to delivery.


MVS is in constant liaison with shipyards, engineers and building contractors across the world – we have an extensive network of people responsible for completing our projects.

The yachts team works alongside a handful of leading shipyards such as Lürssen, Nobiskrug in Germany and Amels, in The Netherlands, maintaining regular contact with their various specialists throughout the duration of each project.

Every project is a collaborative process. We thoroughly work with shipyards, completion centres and architects in order to ensure that the project is brought to life immaculately– inside and out.

Our clients desire originality, impecable materials and special finishes for their interiors, so our nature is to create items of rare and exquisite beauty.